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Susan Van Loon
Susan Van Loon

Synopsis of the new released book based on true facts:

How does a woman find the strength to endure unbearable situations?  With amazing courage, sacrifices for her children, and determination. 

The wealthy lifestyle Aniko and Laszlo knew in Hungary before WWII, changes drastically within a few months. After their wedding in July, 1944, they move to Buda since Laszlo is a newspaper man and he’s also in the Hungarian army.

The Russians are moving into the German occupied country and America is carpet bombing their city. After a few months of their wedding, they discover that Aniko is three months pregnant and they are forced to flee Budapest, Hungary.  Laszlo gets deployed to a town near the Austrian border.

When Aniko is eight-and-one-half months pregnant, the army sends them to Austria since the Russians are closing in on them.  Aniko gives birth to her first child under horrific conditions in a peasant house in Austria. They return to Hungary within a few months and find that their apartment had been bombed.  Laszlo is a hunted man after it is discovered that he wrote against communism before the Russian invasion.  They fear for they life, especially their tiny son, and are reduced to moving to a small town into in a house with dirt floors and no indoor plumbing.

Living in a socialist country under communism makes their lives almost unbearable. Another child makes their situation even more of a challenge and scurvy, near starvation, and Aniko being the only bread winner, make the next ten years a living hell.

When the revolution breaks out in October, 1956, Aniko and Laszlo see the opportunity for a better life. Escaping to Austria, then going to Canada gives them hope to start all over, but only with hard work in a country where they don't speak the language. 

When the children are grown, they all move to America where more heartache awaits,  mental illnesses, adultery, failed marriages and a battle between Christianity and atheism threaten to destroy the family. 
Within the book, historical data is recorded to let the reader know about the events taking place in the world as this family’s life unfolds.  The book also describes certain psychological disorders, and interesting characters like Aniko’s brother, who adds spice and adventure to the family’s life.

Will there ever be peace in their lives?  Read about the story of a mother’s amazing courage based on true facts in 'Riches to Rags'. Available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Kindle and the Nook.  The paperback is also available from the author for $15.00

Susan Van Loon

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