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2013 August
Jobbik Calls On The Government To Ban The Simon Wiesenthal Center's Hungarian Operation
According to Jobbik, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Hungarian operation poses a serious national security risk so the party calls on the government to ban the organization and expel its non-Hungarian employees from the country. According to MP György Szilágyi, the organization incites hatred and attacks Hungary on a regular basis systematically interfering in Hungarian domestic matters.
Two of Margaret Island’s three dwellers say no to Budapest city rule
Margaret Island’s population numbers only three. On Sunday two of them voted against the transfer of its management rights to the City of Budapest in what must count among the world’s smallest polls–albeit with a relatively high, 66% turnout. The vote was purely symbolic.
Members Of US Congress To Hungary: Government’s Efforts To Combat Extremism Are “Encouraging”
We are specifically encouraged by your Government’s commitment to a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy against anti-Semitism,” write Congressman David Cicilline and Congresswoman Lois Frankel, both members of the Democratic Party who serve on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
Hungarian Recipe
Fish Soup
Fish soup (Hungarian: halászlé) is hot soup prepared with mixed river fish, characteristic for cuisines of the Pannonian Plain and the Balkans, especially the wider region around the River Danube. The meal originates from Slavic cuisine. Traditionally, fish soup is prepared in small kettles on open fire by fishermen themselves.
Goulash Soup
In Hungary, this soup is served with fresh white bread, dried hot paprika pods, and Kadarka (red wine). In restaurants, goulash soup is often served in small kettles as a reminder of its origins.
Mayflies swarmed along the River Danube in Hungary
Millions of mayflies swarmed along the River Danube in Hungary this weekend as they hatched there for one of the first times in 40 years. Like the more famous mayfly spectacle on the River Tisza, the swarming insects on the Danube have become an unlikely tourist attraction.
Turned over
Chicago court rejects Holocaust claims against Hungary’s central bank
A court in Chicago has rejected a case against the National Bank of Hungary and Hungarian state railways MAV filed by Holocaust survivors and their heirs seeking compensation for property of victims of the Holocaust. The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit said the plaintiffs must first seek legal recourse in Hungary, before they do so in the United States.
Hungary football club fined over fans' Nazi celebration
Hungarian football club Ferencvaros was fined thousands of euros by national sports authorities on Friday after fans commemorated the death of a suspected Nazi war criminal during a weekend match. The Budapest club was fined 800,000 forints (2,680 euros, $3,580) after supporters unfurled a banner honouring Laszlo Csatari during a game on Saturday against cross-town rivals MTK, a club favoured by the Jewish community.
Hungarian Langos
Lángos is a deep fried flat bread that is served warm and usually topped with sour cream and grated cheese or garlic butter.
National Holiday
10 facts about Hungary
TODAY is a national holiday in Hungary, celebrating the traditional date of the feast day of St Stephen I, the first King of Hungary. Papal greetings to Hungary on feast of St. Stephen
The Holy Right Hand of St. Stephen, King of Hungary
The Holy Right Hand is housed in the St. Stephen Basilica in Budapest and once a year, on August 20, it is carried in the Holy Right Hand ( Szent Jobb) procession. The Basilica’s website tells a straightforward story that accepts without qualification that the mummified right hand once belonged to King Stephen, the first Hungarian king (1000-1038).
The Trial of Serial Killers of Roma in Hungary: A Missed Opportunity
This trial did not fulfill its potential. Whereas it brought  justice to the victims, it did not raise greater awareness within Hungarian society about racially motivated violence.  Racial stereotyping has seeped into Hungary’s political and cultural landscape, and this case was a missed opportunity for Hungary to have an in-depth discussion of its failure to recognize the danger posed by extremists, and to acknowledge the rise of hateful discourse.
Banner Tribute to ‘Most Wanted’ Nazi Displayed at Hungarian Soccer Match
A banner honoring the memory of recently deceased “most wanted” Nazi, Laszlo Csatary, was displayed at a Hungarian soccer match Saturday, earning sharp condemnation from prominent Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff. The banner which was held by fans of the Ferencvárosi TC soccer club read “In memoriam Csatary Laszlo.”
Hungarian airline Solyom to launch charter flights in September
New Hungarian airline Solyom will launch its first charter flights next month and scheduled flights from early October, the company's chief executive Jozsef Vago said. "In premium services, we want to become Hungary's leading airline," he told reporters.
First King
St. Stephen, King of Hungary
King Stephen, is a great national hero and the spiritual patron of Hungary – but he was, first of all, a devout Christian. We think of kings as being heads of state, great military leaders, commanders of armies and rulers over people, and he was all that, but Stephen did all those things in the light of his Christian faith, and made his decisions in accordance with the teaching of the Church. Great letter that we get to read from St. Stephen to his Son, St. Emeric
Hungary to Pay Compensation for Bungling Probe of Murders
Hungary will compensate the families of victims of one the country’s worst racially motivated serial murders since World War II, citing shortcomings in a probe into the deaths of six ethnic Roma, including a five-year-old boy and his father.
Working hours
Hungary scores lowest on happiness index
Hungary scored the lowest marks in the recent Better Life Index, the survey by the OECD of 36 member countries into how happy people are. Long working hours were one of the main reasons why the country ranked in last place on the life satisfaction scoreboard.
Increased inspection
Massive police “inspection” in Budapest
Thousands of policemen worked diligently starting at “Sunday morning zero hour” to stop and search cars. These guardians of law and order had the authority to examine the clothing of the passengers and could search their cars looking for “instruments that may endanger public safety.” The dark message? The police, the government’s enforcement agency, should be feared and the population should understand that “raids” can come at any time, with no probable cause required and no justification necessary.
Hungary investigates premature baby deaths at hospital
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has ordered an inquiry into the deaths of eight premature babies in five days at a hospital in the northeastern city of Miskolc.
Call him...
Hungarian PM's aide says bank boss a usurer
An aide to Hungary's leader labelled the head of its biggest bank the exploiter-in-chief of the country's foreign currency borrowers, shedding light on attempts to force lenders to fund an unwinding of such loans.
Hungary repays 2008 IMF loan in full
Hungary repaid ahead of schedule on Monday all of its outstanding debt, worth 2.15 billion euros, owed to the International Monetary Fund from a 2008 emergency loan programme, the Economy Ministry said in a statement.
Suspected Nazi war criminal László Csatáry dies in Hungary awaiting trial
Hungarian authorities have said Csatáry was the chief of an internment camp for Jews in Kosice, a Slovak city then part of Hungary, in 1944, beating inmates with his bare hands and a dog whip. He had also been charged with assisting in the deportation of thousands of Jews to Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps. He denied the charges.
Water crisys
Hungarian Roma queue for water in heatwave after pumps shut down
Thousands of Roma have been queueing in a Hungarian town for water during a record heatwave after their mayor shut down many of the public pumps on which the impoverished community depends. Gov’t orders Ózd water supply restored
Roma killers imprisoned for life
A HUNGARIAN court has handed down life sentences to three far-right gang members convicted of murdering six gypsies, including the gunning down of a father and his four-year-old son as they fled their burning home. Amnesty International: Hungary must protect Roma, minority groups
Hungary win water polo men's gold
Hungary edged Montenegro 8-7 on Saturday to claim its third world title in men's water polo. Hungary's previous two gold medals at the world championships came in 1973 and then in 2003 at this same Bernat Picornell pool in Barcelona.
Can The EU Rescue Democracy In Hungary?
The European Union always takes steps to ensure that a prospective member state meets certain criteria[1] regarding democratic practices. But what happens when a state that meets those criteria is accepted into the EU, only to regress later on? That is the question that the EU faces with Hungary.
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