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2013 July
Hungary to Restrict Criticism of Public Figures
The Hungarian government plans to change the country's civil code to limit room for criticizing public figures from next year, upon which the data protection ombudsman cried foul to the Constitutional Court.
The Hungarian Residency Bond Program has Now been Launched
“Hungarian permanent residency provides a lawful and lifelong residence, which may serve as a major route to Hungarian citizenship,” says Zsolt Albert, managing director of Residency Bond Program Ltd. Applicants pay EUR 300,000 to take part in the Program, and will get back EUR 250,000 after five years. This amount is currently considered as the lowest across the EU.
Hungary's Unemployment Rate Falls To Near Four-Year-Low
Hungary's unemployment rate decreased in the June quarter to the lowest level in nearly four years, data released by the Central Statistical Office.
Orban turns foreign catcalls into Hungarian applause
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has converted criticism heaped on him from abroad into a reputation at home as a plucky defender of national sovereignty that should help him to win re-election next year.
Fight with Banks
Hungary's Orban risks scaring investors -Bank Austria executive
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban risks scaring off investors with populist legislation ahead of 2014 elections that hurts foreign companies, a Bank Austria executive said. Surprise taxes and retrospective interest breaks for borrowers have already cost banks active in Hungary 3.6 billion euros ($4.8 billion) since 2010, the eastern Europe chief of UniCredit's Bank Austria, Gianni Franco Papa said.
Hungarian PM urges ethnic kin outside borders to unite
Hungary's prime minister, Viktor Orban, called on ethnic Hungarians around the world on Saturday to unite to build a strong nation. Orban has won popularity at home by reaching out to Hungarians outside the country's borders, including offering them Hungarian citizenship. He has never suggested re-uniting the lost territories with Hungary, but his activities occasionally irk governments in neighbouring countries.
Hungarian festival with anti-Semitic books
Anti-Semitic literature was on display at a festival in Slovakia. MKP, an ethnic Hungarian party in Slovakia, hosted the event, and it was co-organized by the Fidesz youth organization Fidelitas and the Association of the Young Christian Democrats.
Hungary: Toughing it out
Since the 2010 election Hungary’s coalition government of the right-wing Fidesz and the Christian Democrats has served up a legislative feast. In three years the government has forced through about 600 laws to reform and take control of the media, healthcare, education, pensions, agriculture and the judiciary, while pressurising the foreign investors that dominate the economy.
Forex loan
Hungarian government says to phase out forex loans
Hungary's government, which faces an election next year, wants to phase out foreign currency mortgages, a minister said on Wednesday, but the country's top businessman said drastic action on the loans would hurt banks and scare off investors. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has promised to help the hundreds of thousands of borrowers who took out cheap loans in Swiss francs, euros and Japanese yen and then lost out after the exchange rate shifted. Hungary Ministry’s Orban Says Mortgage Plan Can’t Hurt Forint
UAE and Oman investors backing plans to launch new Hungarian airline
Investors from Oman and the UAE have teamed up with three Hungarian businessmen to launch a new Budapest-based full-service airline to plug a market gap left by the collapse of flag carrier Malev last year.
Hungarian PM: Forget the euro for at least 10 years
Hungary will only consider joining the eurozone when the country’s GDP reaches 90 per cent of that of the euro-using countries, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at an annual meeting of ambassadors in Budapest on Tuesday. National GDP is currently at 34 per cent, so Orbán was probably safe in saying this would not be an issue for at least a decade.
Protect Hungarian land by exiting EU, Jobbik head says
Maintaining Hungary’s countryside cannot be a question of money, because only the countryside has retaining power in the long term, the chairman of radical nationalist party Jobbik said.
Hungary’s PM Orban Says Sectoral Taxes to Remain for Several Years
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the Wall Street Journal that the country’s much-criticized special taxes levied on its energy, telecommunications, retail and banking businesses may remain in place for as long as a decade to help the government reduce its public debt.
In n. Out
Facebook removes page of Hungarian anti-Semitic website
Facebook removed an official fan page of Kuruc.info, a U.S.-based website in Hungarian which had garnered 70,000 followers and features anti-Semitic propaganda by Hungary’s ultranationalist Jobbik party. But within hours, individuals with ties to Kuruc were able to open a new page on Facebook, and it acquired nearly 6,000 followers almost immediately.
Why Aren’t Hungarians Protesting?
Among the depressing findings of a recent survey of university and college students is that a mere 40 percent agree that democracy is the best system of government, while nearly one-third think that in some situations a dictatorship would work better.
Hungary asks IMF to leave the country after early payback
Hungary has announced plans to repay its bailout loan from the International Monetary Fund early and asked the organization to leave the country. The head of Hungary’s Central Bank Gyorgy Matolcsy wrote a letter to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Monday asking for it to close its representative office in Budapest as it was "not necessary to maintain" it any longer.
Opposition demonstrates support for 'Hungarian sovereignty'
Polish conservative and eurosceptic politicians and journalists protested outside the Hungarian Embassy in Warsaw, Monday, against what they see as an EU attack on Hungary's sovereignty.
The Guardian: Hungary: Orbán wasteland
The quixotic nature of Mr Orbán's Fidesz party government is in some respects felt less in the field of politics – although he has loaded the electoral dice to ensure his party's declared goal of two decades in power – than in economics.
Stench of corruption just gets worse
Corruption in Hungary is on the rise, watchdog Transparency International (TI) states in its latest Global Corruption Barometer, with 61 per cent of Hungarians believing that the situation has worsened in the past two years. However, self-regulation – through citizens voluntarily reporting acts of corruption – is another area that needs improvement. The report shows that 70 per cent of Hungarians would not report a case of corruption. The watchdog comments that this is “exceptionally high” in European comparison.
Late reconciliation
Serbia, Hungary take steps toward national reconciliation
A joint initiative between the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians and the Serbian Progressive Party led the Serbian parliament to adopt a declaration condemning acts against Hungarian civilians in Curug in 1944 and 1945. The declaration is seen as a crucial step toward reconciliation between Serbia and Hungary, especially in Vojvodina, where 13 percent of citizens are Hungarian.
Strong leader
Regime Change in Hungary
Horthy is enjoying a renaissance in Hungary today. Statues and plaques are going up to commemorate his life and rule. The current Hungarian government of Viktor Orban and FIDESZ has been careful to tread a fine line between supporting and condemning the new cult of Horthy, though some members of the ruling party are more open in their admiration for the admiral.
Deputy PM says Hungary to get 500, 000 new citizens from beyond borders this year
Semjen said that 470,000 citizenship applications have been submitted so far and 400,000 people have already taken their oath of citizenship.
Hungary promises teachers 34 percent pay hike, with more to come
Hungary will raise the pay of 150,000 teachers from September by an average 34 percent and give further hikes every year until 2017, a government minister said. Primary and secondary school teachers earn an average 160,000 forints ($700) a month, according to a recent survey, below the overall Hungarian average of 230,000 forints.
ECHR upholds ban on Hungarian far-right group
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the banning of a Hungarian far-right nationalist group by a Budapest court was legal. The Strasbourg-based ECHR decided that the dissolution of the Magyar Gárda organisation did not violate Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights, relating to freedom of assembly and association. Hungary Roma Group Welcomes Ban
Hungary Signs Holocaust Compensation Deal Amid Controversy
Hungary's center-right government said Saturday, July 6, it had reached a multimillion dollar deal with a US-based Holocaust restitution organization on compensation for Hungarian survivors living abroad, prompting some angry reactions from former Nazi death camp inmates.
MEP calls for equality at Gay Pride March
Striving for equality and fighting discrimination are crucial European values, MEP Ulrike Lunacek, a member of the LMBT Intergroup of the European Parliament, said at the closing of this year’s Gay Pride March in Budapest on Saturday.
The five best things to do in Hungary
HUNGARY has always marched to a different drummer - speaking a language, preparing dishes and drinking wines like no others. It's Europe at its most exotic.
Former minister becomes first in modern Hungary sentenced to jail
A court in Debrecen in eastern Hungary sentenced in a non-final ruling on Friday former minister in charge of the secret services Gyorgy Szilvasy and former director of the National Security Office Lajos Galambos to two years and ten months in prison for espionage.
Hungary's Orban accuses Europe of 'Soviet-style' meddling
Hungary accused the European Parliament on Friday of resorting to Soviet-style methods that challenged the country's sovereignty by passing a resolution deploring recent changes to the constitution. Hungary rejects EU rights criticism
Five tips for a Hungarian holiday
The travel experts at Lonely Planet offer their top recommendations for a trip to Hungary. Stunning architecture, piquant cuisine, vital folk art and steaming thermal spas are Hungary's major attractions, but it's the uniqueness of the people, their culture and language that makes it so mysterious.
Rebuked for changes
European Parliament chides Hungarian prime minister over alleged democratic failings
The European Parliament rebuked Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his government on Wednesday for pushing through changes to the country’s constitution and other laws that critics say are threatening the country’s democracy. In a resolution adopted by a 370-249 margin with 82 abstentions, the legislature backed a report that insists Orban, who came into power in 2010, must make sure any breaches of the rights of European Union citizens are dealt with as soon as possible. Viktor Orban angry at EU's criticism of Hungary's democratic values --- Hungarian Parties Reject European Parliament’s Orban Criticism
Hungary's tobacco law: Leaked tape causes outrage
Sales of tobacco undergo a revolution in Hungary this week - but many opponents allege the whole scheme is a corrupt ploy to reward supporters of the governing party.
Hungary PM Orban defends constitutional changes
The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has rejected a report by the Civil Liberties Committee on fundamental rights in Hungary and described it as "a threat to Europe", during a heated debate with MEPs.
Keeping faith
Hungary: Toughing it out
Since the 2010 election Hungary’s coalition government of the right-wing Fidesz and the Christian Democrats has served up a legislative feast. In three years the government has forced through about 600 laws to reform and take control of the media, healthcare, education, pensions, agriculture and the judiciary, while pressurising the foreign investors that dominate the economy.
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