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2013 June
Best and brightest
Come home & get your own pretty girl or handsome boy
Educated young Hungarians have shown little interest in a government-backed service aimed at encouraging them to return home and find work.
Not so
Hungary refuses four EU recommendations
Hungary will accept some of the country-specific recommendations made by the Council and reject some others, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Brussels.
Smart turist
How To Enjoy Hungarian Capital For (Nearly) Nothing?
What if you’re a bit short on cash? No worries. Be it picnics in city parks, panoramic views, relaxing bike rides or market stalls with free nibbles, Wizz Air’s Facebook friends and Budapest’s residents show us all the best things in the city are free.
Hungarian president apologizes for crimes
Hungarian President Janos Ader has stated that his country Hungary condemns all its citizens who committed war crimes against innocent Serbs in WW2.
A Hungarian rhapsody
Can anyone be hungry in Hungary? No, never! Did you know that Budapest, the capital, was named after Buda, the brother of the then king and Pest, which means oven in old Hungarian. So when the name of a city literally means Buda's oven, can abundant food and a wide choice of cuisines be far behind? You'll never go hungry with Hungarian food
Hungary freed from fiscal cuffs by EU finance ministers
European Union finance ministers have on Friday decided to endorse the European Commission’s recommendation made on 29 May to abrogate the excessive deficit procedure (EDP) for Hungary. The country has been in the EU’s fiscal cuffs since its accession to the bloc in 2004.
Hungary loosens farm ownership rules, far-right cries treason
Hungary watered down a ban on foreigners owning farmland on Friday ahead of a European Union deadline to scrap barriers to investment, drawing accusations of treason from far-right politicians. When the law was passed, several representatives of the far-right Jobbik party stormed the Speaker's rostrum and chanted "traitors!" and "No, no, never!" for several minutes.
Hungary Rejects UN, LIBE Criticism of Constitutional Changes
Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party and its government Wednesday rejected fresh claims from the United Nations and a European Parliament committee that the country’s latest constitutional changes threaten democracy, saying the criticism is mistaken, unfounded and politically biased. Hungary under fire over changes to constitution
Hungarian ex-PM, key figure in fall of Iron Curtain, dies
Gyula Horn, a former Hungarian prime minister who played a key role in opening the Iron Curtain, has died at the age of 80. He was best known internationally for his announcement as foreign minister in 1989 that Hungary would allow East German refugees to leave the country for West Germany, one of the key events that helped bring an end to communism in Eastern Europe. GYULA HORN, 1932-2013
Before too late
Hungarian ex-policeman accused of deporting Jews to Nazi death camps
Hungarian prosecutors have indicted a 98-year-old former police officer for abusing Jews and assisting in their deportation to Nazi death camps during the second world war.
Tax, tax, tax
Hungary doubles financial transaction tax, hikes telecom tax
Hungary’s government has announced additional fiscal adjustment measures to avoid the reopening of the excessive deficit procedure against the country. The transaction duty on cash payments will be raised to 0.6% from 0.3% and the cap will be abolished. Money transfer between accounts will carry a 0.3% FTT, up from 0.2%. Hungary surprises with new taxes
Big brother
1984, Hungarian Edition
The Hungarian parliament recently passed a new national security law that enables the inner circle of the government to spy on people who hold important public offices.
Long trek
EU lawmaker to Canada asylum seeker: A Roma's long trek
Less than four years ago, Viktoria Mohácsi enjoyed the life of an international politician, eating at pricey restaurants in Brussels and winning awards as a human rights activist. Today, the 38-year old mother of three sleeps on the floor of a one-room basement apartment in Toronto and faces deportation. As a political asylum seeker, she hopes to convince Canada that the life of a former member of the European Parliament could be in danger in a democratic country like Hungary. Comments
Orban Constitution Threatens Hungary Laws, Experts Say
The fourth amendment of the Hungarian constitution, approved in March, “endangers the constitutional system of checks and balances,” the Venice Commission, an independent advisory body on constitutional matters of the 47-nation Council of Europe, said in a report today. The findings were criticized by Orban’s government.
Hungary Inaugurates CERN’s ‘Second Heart’
Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has inaugurated the Swiss-based European Laboratory for Particle Physics, or CERN’s Wigner data center in Budapest. “CERN now has two hearts; one in Geneva and one in Budapest,” CERN’s Director General Rolf-Dieter Hauer said at the inauguration ceremony.
Smoke onthe water
Hungary to restrict freedom of information
The government approved changes to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act that will limit access to certain significant forms of public data. The changes follow allegations that licenses for tobacco retailers were awarded to loyalists of the ruling Fidesz party, a claim several NGOs and journalists were trying to verify through FOI requests. Hungarians fume over revealing tobacco scandal
Chinese buying special Hungarian bonds that come with residency permits
Some 20 Chinese nationals have requested residence permits in Hungary by investing in residency bonds, said Lian Wang, managing director of the Hungary State Special Fund, which handles the transactions. The minimum bond purchase required is €250,000 but applicants must also pay a €40,000 administration fee.
Audi ramps up Hungarian production
German carmaker Audi launched production on Wednesday at a 900 million euro ($1.2 billion) plant in Hungary, giving a much-needed boost to the country's sluggish economy. The new plant in the town of Gyor, 120 kms (75 miles) from Budapest, will more than triple the premium brand manufacturer's annual output capacity in the indebted central European state to 125,000 cars.
Comes true
Hungary economic ‘fairy tale’ comes true, or so it seems
When Hungary’s economy minister predicted a year ago an economic “fairy tale” for Hungary in 2013, few believed him. But recent data from the central European country show he might have been right. Figures out last week confirmed that the non-Eurozone EU member emerged from recession in the first quarter, notching up growth of 0.7 percent.
Hungary to Amend Constitution Again to Avoid EU Infringement
Hungary is ready to abandon two out of three constitutional changes made recently that were widely criticized as being anti-democratic as it seeks to avoid a legal tangle with the European Commission.
Hungary bracing for 'biggest ever' Central European flooding
The swollen Danube River is rushing toward Hungary, where Prime Minister Viktor Orban cautioned Hungarians to prepare for "the biggest ever flood". Hungary defences hold as Danube level rises
Hungarian shadow dancers Attraction have won Britain's Got Talent
The show, won by Hungarian shadow dance troupe Attraction, was watched by a peak audience of 13.1 million, with an average of 11.1 million viewers across the two-and-a-half show, the broadcaster said.
Rare guest
Moderate earthquake in Hungary – 90+ buildings suffered damage
EMSC reports a preliminary Magnitude of 4.3 at a depth of 10 km.
Hungary: The Cancer in the Middle of Europe?
Something is dreadfully wrong with Hungary. Worse, what's wrong with Hungary is not unique in Europe. What's eating away at a free society in Hungary has metastasized. This same cancer is present elsewhere on the continent, even if it hasn't come to the attention of diagnosticians.
Hungary Takes Yeti-Sized Steps to Create Jobs
Breeding rabbits, making honey wax candles and selling cobblestones shaped like Yeti-footprints are proving to be a formidable weapon in Hungary’s battle against unemployment. The government is using a work-for-subsidy program that produces the Yeti cobblestones.
Blue Danube
Mighty Danube River floods central Europe
The mighty Danube is not the only river in Europe bursting its banks this week, but it packs the biggest punch. This week the Danube is in its bad-boy mode. Hungarian warned to prepare for worst floods
Hungarians cannot come to terms with Trianon treaty, says President Áder
The Hungarian parliament declared June 4 the Day of National Cohesion in 2010 to mark the anniversary of the day the peace treaty was signed in the Grand Trianon chateau of Versailles in 1920. The Trianon Peace Treaty, which ceded two-thirds of Hungary’s territory to neighbouring countries, is a memory Hungarians have not been able to come to terms with, said President Janos Ader.
Real life
The Tough Life of a Gypsy
Rita Kiss, mother of two children aged nine and six, has been living in Budapest all her life. She speaks the language and considers Hungary her home, but she is not Hungarian in the real sense of the word. She is part of a growing gypsy community that, in spite of living in this part of the world for generations, still feels deprived, left out and unable to integrate with the rest of the Hungarian population.
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